How drinking water affects weightloss

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September 26, 2017
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How drinking water affects weightloss

water-poured-into-glassDoes drinking water affect weightloss? some may think drinking enough water affects your weight meaning that you gain more because you drink water,others think reducing the quantity of water you drink will help you lose weight..

All these are speculations right? During my weightloss journey I realised that drinking my 8 cups of water daily has helped me not only to lose weight but it has helped my skin and my overall health.

so lets take a look at the benefits of having your 8 cups of  water on a daily basis.

  1. Our body is made up of more than 60% water
  2. Water enables effective transportation of nutrients in the body
  3. Water is a natural detox for toxins in the body
  4. It keeps us hydrated and fresh from the inside
  5. Water purifies our system

These are some of the benefits I can think of straight up, but I am sure you would be asking how does water actually help with weight loss, in my experience, drinking little or no water leads to dehydration which in turn leads to shrinkage and that is why some people think they are losing weight, and it is not good for the system, I am not going into the details of shrinkage now.

Just know that more water thus increase your water intake reduce food is a good way to kickstart your weightloss journey,drinking water reduces appetite and also reduces space for food,  also water keeps your awake and refreshed.

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