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August 22, 2017
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First time working out?

photo Credit:Shape Magazine

photo Credit:Shape Magazine

Do you see people working out and just say, I wish that was me , how do I begin ? How do push my body ?

Well sit back and continue reading as I share some tips that has helped me in the past and even recently when I did not feel like working out.

  • Firstly, set an intention that you are about to be nice to you , its self love honey,and this is me showing my body some love boo.
  • Get comfortable outfits its does not have to be yoga pants and sports bra, lol anything comfortable that supports your lady parts for the ladies, will do.
  • Get a clear area where there’s space enough to move around.
  • Play some music and dance to the beat, just move your body, let there be motion and there was exercise, lol.
  • Move, move and sweat, enjoy the dance and have fun.


These are my simple tips on how to begin working out if you’ve never worked out before or if you have been stalling and want to get back on track.

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